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Yahoo & Bing’s Role in Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing in Australia

Search Engine Marketing in Australia for most companies generally consists of one search engine. Google. With Google in Australia having the greatest dominance of any search engine within a single market, anywhere in the world it’s clear as to the reason why.

But when looking at SEM from a strategic perspective there is actually a clear case as to why advertising over other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing (who in Australia are the same network) is an extremely valuable and effective channel.


First things first. Yahoo and Bing are a pain in the arse to advertise over, their systems are convoluted and very basic, which makes it had to set up an account in any short amount of time. But there is great value in persisting. Similar to Google, Yahoo and Bing both operate over a blind auction model meaning that the cost of advertising on them is determined by the competition. As we can obviously tell the actual market share of Yahoo and Bing is only 10-15%, which for most advertisers mean they don’t give it the time of day. A great advantage for those that do advertise on Yahoo and Bing as a result is that the competition on it is very small and the costs of operating and advertising on Yahoo and Bing are significantly lower than on Google.

Traffic Quality

People also argue that the value of traffic that you get from Yahoo and Bing is also not a relevant or valuable, but I’m here to say from my own experience that this hasn’t been the case at all. The final result has only been that the cost of operating has been lower as the traffic I generate is cheaper, but the quality and movement of them on websites is perfectly comparable to traffic from Google or any other search engine.

Splitting the Budget

Now this isn’t to say that you should be ditching all of you budget on Google and flocking to advertise on Yahoo and Bing, but it does make a great case for allocating some budget. Part of advertising on Google is a positioning strategy, 85% of people still use Google so you want your brand to be seen on there. But you won’t ever be able to afford to capture ever single search for you company (unless you are extremely niche, therefore it is advisable to do a split to maximise traffic through to you page (and at an overall lower cost), while still providing a brand presence across both channels.

United Campaigns

A united campaign across Yahoo, Bing and Google can have a huge benefit on both traffic levels and the costs for it. I highly suggest anyone who is already advertising on Google starts looking at also allocating a part of their budget towards Yahoo and Bing.

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