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Accountability in Marketing

Beyond all things that marketing online does, digital marketing has one unequivical advantage over traditional marketing; accountability.

Accountability is one area of marketing that clients are often hesitant about, because especially with traditional marketing it is very hard to draw a straight line between the amount of advertising dollars spend, and the return on this investment. Especially for small clients who don’t have a huge budget to throw around, this is a very important aspect, as being able to show unequivocally that your marketing activities are turning a profit proves that they should continue to market with you.

Digital marketing is incredibly powerful in being able to show this accountability as it is all traceable through analytics. This is becoming even more prevalent in recent times as new advertising and analytics platforms and methods become apparent.

A great example of this is search engine marketing advertising. Through SEM advertising you are able to see precisely how many people you have been able to drive through to your website, what pages they have visited and what products they bought, all the way down to what keyword they originally searched. This gives you amazing accountability as you are able to work out exactly how much money it costs for a single conversion, and from that exactly how profitable you campaign is.

Accountability is a really important part of marketing. By being able to understand the exact return on investment for your campaign, you are better able to utilise your spend. While this works ideally when operating through an online store/website/service, it can still work through traditional means, phone calls are now traceable, and the use of coupons and codes can help you trace everything once the customers goes offline.

Business should really be looking if their marketing campaigns are accountable for themselves, and if not how they can become so. Through proper implementation and strategy it is very easy to get a very granular look at the performance of your campaign.

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