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SEO In Modern Search Engines

SEO is becoming more and more complex to implement in a manner that covers all bases. Search engines such as Google and Bing are continuing to adapt and evolve to the changing manner in which users are searching, this includes displaying video content, maps and a myriad of other option that are now being displayed in the search results.

So what does this mean for effective SEO?

SEO is becoming more complex in terms of the content that needs to be optimised. Where previously optimising your websites pages and content and getting a few links was the whole process, the modernisation of search engines forces SEOers to look at alternative methods and strategies to ensure that you are showing up for searches – no matter what they may be searching.

No longer is it okay to just optimise your content for just the pages on your website. SEO for other properties such as social media, mapping and places rankings, video content, pictures etc. are becoming increasing relevant as far as doing SEO for a company/site.

What does SEOing these other properties provide?

Not every user searches the same way or are looking for the same content. Due to this modern search engine have adapted how they display results to try and provide the most relevant content and listings they can.

A user searching “where is the nearest Mc Donalds” is quite specifically looking for an address, and possibly even a map to display where it is and where they may be. This becomes even more relevant when looking at mobile based searches in which users have additional inputs which these search engines can utilise including GPS and phone tower triangulation to narrow down the searchers’ position down to only a few metres.
So instead of creating content on your site specifically looking at trying to capture these searches – which you just plainly can’t do effectively, there needs to be new ways of optimising your site and business for these searches.

The best way for you to optimise for location based searches to to register your company and properties in Google Places. This allows Google to not only know the exact address of your company, but also provides additional inputs for it including reviews, contact phone numbers, opening hours etc. all of which can be displayed either in the organic search results, or on a map, depending on whether the user is searching through the Google search bar or through Google maps.

Notice the top position for these searches is Google Places

Cover All Bases

But SEOing of these properties

doesn’t just need to include location based optimisation – location based optimisation is something that almost every

one is already doing. Instead you also need to look at optimising content such as videos – which is an increasingly relevant and consumed medium – and pictures,which are now starting to leak their way into the organic search results, and often times in a better and more dominant position than generic text organic listings.

Notice the pictures within the rankings - with the correct SEO they could be ranking even better


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