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Managed Placements – Fear Not They Are Still There

So today I was going through setting up a managed placement for some advertising for one of my clients. I came across an issue though when the placements tab had disappeared. Followed with a quick Google search the answer still wasn’t immediately available and thus I went and had a fiddle.
I did eventually find how to do it, but it was rather convoluded and not as apparent as it could have been. So stating this I’ve decided to quickly outline how to add a managed placement.

Step 1:

From the home page of your account select the network tab (note: this is what has replaced the Placements tab).

something like the above screen will appear. I have already changed the settings for my campaign so that it is only targeting managed placements, audiences and topics.
From here click on the show details hyperlink next to the Managed placements text under the heading Display Network.

Step 2:

This will bring out a new drop down below everything with the option to “+ Add Placemnents” click on that and add the URL that you want to target for your placement, and voila your placement is set up.


As can be seen in the above image I’ve targeted YouTube for my display ads, but you can set this to target whatever site you would like, so long as they are a part of the Google display network.

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