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Tracking Phone Calls from Your Digital Campaigns with Dynamic Phone Number Tracking

Offline advertising has for years been an aspect of marketing that has been very hard to trace. Companies have devised many ways to track offline advertising performance, but few have been as fool-proof or as accurate as anything digital has to offer. But this is all beginning to change.

Dynamic phone number tracking is a technology that has been around for a few years now, but is really starting to come to the forefront of linking in your offline advertising with results. This becomes even more important when looking at gauging customer response to your digital marketing through traditional methods i.e. phone calls, and this is where dynamic phone number tracking really shines.

The benefits that dynamic phone number tracking provides is really quite easy to get. Every month you are able to track and tell exactly how many phone calls each of your marketing channels has generated, be it Facebook, Google Adwords, Google SEO, Yahoo, etc. This then allows you to do a backwards regression on your spend for each of these channels to get a better understanding of the metrics behind it such as the cost to an action (phone call), and from there be able to better optimise the channel and the spend distribution accordingly.

Dynamic tracking all works thanks to a bit of java script surrounding the phone number on your site. This bit of code is able to see where that particular person came from (source/channel) and can then display a pre-determined number that is allocated to that channel. This therefore allows y0ou to know which channel drove the call, and thanks to its link in with Google Analytics, you are able to track a whole host of other associated information with it.

Through being able to link these offline actions directly with your online activities and track and assess them directly through Google Analytics (which it plugs straight into) you are able to accurately and decisively track the effectiveness of offline response.

The best part of all of this is that it’s free or at least it wont cost you more than a traditional 1300 number. For your average Joe we are talking less than $100 a month, including phone calls and their associated costs. So what are your waiting for? If a core part of your business is based around offline response to digital advertising give it a go!

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