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Keeping it Fresh – Google’s “Freshness Update”

Recently Google has just updated their search¬†algorithm to place a emphasis on new or “fresher” content to keep the search results more relevant to the average searcher with the most up-to-date results. This means that when you are searching in more general terms, newer content is going to start showing up as a priority over older content, despite any SEO work that might have gone into your page.

What does this mean for you? Well it means that when you search, especially around areas of “recent events or hot topics” you’ll see more examples and cases of content that is newer/fresher than others.

When searching for events that are reoccurring, Google will automatically optimise around results for the most recent event, or one that is upcoming very soon over posts surrounding the previous iteration of the event.

It also means that for information that will need to evolve or progress over time, older pieces of advice, i.e. top 10 lists for technology, will quickly become obsolete to newer versions of similarly evolving categories.

Google states this will impact around 35% of searches. But for your SEO it means a few things. Merely creating and optimising a site isn’t enough. You need to be constantly updating your content to be timely and relevant to the current climate. But this still means that good quality SEO is essential to listing in the first place, just that fresher content might take priority.


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