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Ok Go Needing / Getting – Chevy Music Video

Ok Go Needing Getting Chevy
I was recently going through myfeed when I saw a shared video for a new Video clip for Ok Go “Needing/Getting”, to say the least I was disappointed. For those that don’t know I love my music and okay go have been an artist I have loved since they released their self titled album “Ok Go”.

Ok Go got big following their song “Here we go again” and more importantly it’s music video went viral on YouTube. For those that don’t recognise it yet it is the Treadmill video. Ok Go – Here We Go Again. It was brilliant for its simplicity – as were an number of their following music videos.

What really disappointed me with “Needing/Getting” was the way in which they did their new video. It rather reminded me of the Ken Block videos. It offended me though was how it was obviously sponsorship that had killed this video. Chevrolet had provided a vehicle for them to shoot with and the way it was shot made it one of the focuses of the music video. So onto the actual discussion of this post.

Modern day consumers are intelligent. Users are no longer scared of everything on the internet, they are savvy and know exactly how to get what they want – and if they don’t well… Google is their friend. So I question the value in the above example of the “Needing/Getting” video clip of paying/giving a car for the video clip, especially when it is so out of character for the target audience and tainting the stylistic options that had previously been so successful for Ok Go.

So what can a marketer do, to both market effectively whilst respecting their audience?


A good marketing campaign these days easily enables the marketer to accurately target it’s marketed audience. A great example of this is SEM, or better yet Retargeting. But it isn’t just the audience that should be considered when promoting a product/brand. The attitude and character of the brand also needs to be considered. Ken Block has an excellent match with Monster, Ford, Subaru and DC in his videos. They are all about intensity excitement and adrenalin. Exactly the sort of associations that those brands are trying to achieve.

Create a Positive Experience

Merely putting something in front of a persons face over and over doesn’t instantly make someone want something, visibility alone doesn’t create value. Respect your audience, often times they know you are advertising to them but this doesn’t mean that you need to make it so in your face that a three year old could recognize it as a advertisement. Instead mix it in subtly or create a context around it that is enjoyable in some way for the audience, make them happy to see your ad and make it a positive experience. Subway did this really well during the final few seasons of Chuck. While overt and obvious, it was relevant and too add to the positive experience of the audience often times surrounded in humor.

Final Word

By creating both a positive experience and choosing the correct medium to maintain relevance it really isn’t hard for a brand to market their products or even their brand whilst providing quality and value to a consumer. Old school marketing tactics of shoving their brand down a consumers throat isn’t something that is accepted anymore, especially within areas of opt in consumerism such as online videos. Rather than making the brand a prime part of the sponsorship, allow it to be in the background – often times subtlety will get you a lot further and generate a lot more interest for the consumer.


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