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Google Remarketing on Facebook

So I have been looking at new ways in which to target people on social networks once they leave. This is an ongoing issue facing social media as once they leave the platform you are no longer able to communicate with your audience.

So recently I looked at ways in which Google Remarketing could be implemented as it is a proven way of tracking users once they leave your website. If a similar thing could be done with Remarketing from Facebook you would be on a winner.

So upon digging into it I found that Facebook Custom Pages allow the insertion of HTML (exactly what Google Remarketing code is). So the following page is an example of a beyondblue custom page that we produced. If the Remarketing HTML was added to this we could track everyone who has viewed this custom page – aka people who have been to the beyondblue Facebook page.

beyondblue custom Facebook page

A similar thing could be done where a different page is shown once people ‘Like’ the Facebook page where a different custom page is displayed, allowing you to target only those who actually become fans of the Facebook page.

Just a thought on another way to leverage your social base and improve your brand’s presence across the internet for people actively identifying as fans of your brand.


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