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Invalid adgroups due to budget

Had a funny issue come up earlier today which I had never faced before (disapproved adgroups due to invalid budget), pretty simple solution but stumped me enough to go check Google. Alas it didn’t give me the answer, but a few minutes later I worked out my mistake. To save anyone else from facing the same silly mistake I thought I’d get something up that you might be able to find in Google.

The Problem:

So I was updating an account with the structure that we are going to be using for a client, but we don’t have final approval on budgets so to cover my back and ensure it doesn’t start running I set all the campaign budgets to $1. When setting the default bids I as usual started off setting them to around $2. When I went to upload the account all my adgroups got disapproved for having an invalid budget. Not knowing what I do now I tried adjusting the bids up to no avail.

The Solution:

My issue was that my adgroup bids were higher than my campaign budget – something that I had never faced before. The fix was really simple, all I did was adjust my campaign budgets up to approximately $20 for the mean time. All the campaigns were still paused so there was no risk of them spending, but I always prefer to play it safe (thus why there was also no budget attributed to the account yet).

Final Word
Hopefully no-one else runs into this issue, but if you do hopefully the above gives you the answer you need.

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