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Facebook Timeline Posts – Check the date

Had a client call up yesterday with an issue that seemed rather strange. They had posted a new status with an image that wasn’t showing up in their timeline, but was showing up in the Facebook Page photo album and also on it’s fans Facebook feeds. It was all rather peculiar in that it was exactly the same method to which they had posted all their status’s.

I had a look in their account and all looked to be fine. The solution wasn’t perfectly clear to begin with, but now understanding it, it’s a little glitch that Facebook has allowed:

The Solution:

The issue was that the client was posting and has set the time to post as being midday Australian Eastern Standard time (GMT+10 – Melbourne, Australia). The issue is that times on Facebook can sometimes be mixed up a little as they are based off the American calender & clock. This means that when the client posted the status, it was actually only meant to display in the timeline in a number of hours in the future. All that needed to be done was change the time the post was to show up in the timeline. This can be seen in the following:

1. Find your post (likely in the image section) and press on the edit button.

2. Select Change Date

3. Set the date for the time it should be now in the US (I just set it for the day before and that did the job)

Click change and hey presto you should be in business!

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