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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns – Why I won’t use them

Google-enhanced-campaignsGoogle recently release Enhanced campaigns in a step to ease the use of Google Adwords for users. They claim that they are able to save a lot of effort when setting up a campaign and maximise the effectiveness of an account. I disagree and this is why:

Enhanced campaigns introduced the merging of mobile and desktop campaigns by allowing you to set different bids based off whether the user is on a mobile device or a desktop. This in essence allows you to create some separation between you mobile targeting and your desktop targeting within the same campaign. But it isn’t enough.

When I create a mobile campaign I want it as a completely unique campaign. I want to be able to set mobile specific ads. I want to be able to track what the mobile does differently and uniquely in Google Analytics. I want to be able to adjust my negative keywords and individual bids specifically based off mobile search terms, click through rates and conversion rates. The issue when you have an enhanced campaign is that much of this is limited. I can understand the use of enhanced campaigns if you don’t have a clear mobile strategy and/or you don’t have any major variation in quality of traffic from mobile devices to desktops, but in reality this doesn’t happen often and usually it is much more valuable to keep you mobile strategy as a parallel campaign, not a merged campaign.

I’ve had Google reps try to explain to me the advantages, but none have been able to categorically prove to me that it is more effective than running a separate mobile campaign.

So for those of you serious about optimising your Google campaigns I highly suggest continuing to separate mobile and desktop campaigns. This means in desktop campaigns reducing the mobile bid by 100% and in mobile campaigns reducing the desktop bid by 100%.

If anyone has opinions that are the opposite to mine, I warmly welcome a discussion with you. (I’m always happy to be proven wrong!).

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