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Adwords Negative Keyword Match Types

For years now I’ve been running Adwords campaigns. A large part of running these Adwords campaigns is optimisation as no structure is perfectly formed when you set it live. Adwords isn’t something that is set and forget, instead you are continually adjusting bids, ensuring that you ad copy is resonating with your audience and that your conversions are occurring at a sustainable cost per conversion. One of the best ways to do this is to run search term reports and pull out negative/irrelevant terms that you can utilise as negative keywords (the opposite to keywords in that if you match up, you won’t show up for that search query).

My advice for anyone utilising negative keywords:

Set them up as Phrase Match negative keywords.

Why? Because Broad match is to flexible and would likely eventually negative relevant terms. Exact match is too narrow and won’t stop future occurances of slightly varied search terms. (and people search in many, many different ways, so you want a little flexibility) So that leaves Phrase Match. The hardest part of negative keywords is trying to decide when not to negative something because it will conflict with search terms that you do want to capture. It takes consideration and understanding of the market, and also an understanding of the english language and how words can have multiple meanings in different contexts. The beauty is that once you understand negative keywords and the complexities of it, you’re on easy street from there on.

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