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Layman’s Creation of a Facebook Custom App

So I’ve recently needed to create a custom Facebook app for a terms and conditions page on a Facebook page I manage. Because I’m a complete layman with no skill in coding at all, I tried to add an app but the process isn’t a simple one and required things like hosting for the page.

Because I’m not up to creating a page on my own I went Googling for some extra help and came across a Custom Facebook App guide that suggested using a wordpress plugin.

The guide can be found here:


It all worked pretty easily, following the guide closely. So if you need a relatively simple way to get it setup, follow the guide!



Small update to the status of this, all worked very well but the only issue is that the https version of the page won’t work for all users on Facebook due to privacy settings. So for this page to work on all users computers you will need to purchase an SSL certificate for your website.


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