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New Role

We’ll the time has finally come to move on from my previous role at Pixel Light and agency as a whole. I made some fantastic friends, learnt so much and will be forever greatful for the mentoring of Josh Strawczynski of ciims.net as my direct superior at Pixel Light.

I recently was offered a position at Ironman 4×4, an international 4×4 accessories company to manage their Social Media and Digital Marketing. This was a dream change for me, being a little bit of a 4×4 nut, and the opportunity to move into client side, the opportunity called to me.

Three weeks into the job and I’ve been loving it. I’ll do a further post about what I’ve done so far, later, but suffice to say that since I’ve got here there has been a big change in how the Digital Marketing is being managed, and for the better if I do say so myself.

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