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Social Media – Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are something that I’ve talked to my mentor about on many occasions whilst working on social media strategies, but rarely before has I come across great examples within my own work. Well the other day I finally received support from my own brand advocates.

Customers backing up the brand - marked


It’s not always a good idea to get into a slag match on social, especially if you are the brand as it only ends of with a further disgruntled customer. But normally you can’t leave a comment unaddressed either. Usually the best way to deal with a situation like this is to ask them to send you a private message and hopefully deal with the issue in a more private manner. But in this case there was no need. Our brand advocate (in the green) clearly supports the brand and provides a clear answer to all other parties as to what the issue likely is.

Having these brand advocates helps you maintaon the quality branding of you products without the need for you to get down in the mud and slug it out.

There are many ways to go about addressing issues across social, but brand advocates help keep brands out of the 1v1 shit fights that you’ll occasionally get.

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