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Smartphone App Use

Google has been pushing really hard in the last year the emphasis of mobile to business and marketing. And whilst mobile use is undoubtedly continuing to grow I still think there is a good gap in the knowledge of what users are doing on their phones (beyond what they do in their web browsers).

Mobile apps have been the craze on mobile since the iPhone was released, apps are what make a modern smartphone functional beyond a traditional phone and determine how users interact with them. I recently came across this graph of the most used smartphone apps in the world.

From this you can see that there are some core categories that Mobile usage falls into:

1. Mapping

2. Social Media

3. Communication

Google maps (within the Mapping category) was not surprisingly a popular app, but what was incredible to see was that it was in fact the MOST popular smartphone app in the world. Admittedly it is the perfect companion on a mobile device but it is interesting to see the level of usage of Google Maps beyond other apps, especially those in the social categories such as Facebook and YouTube.

Another notable exclusion from this top 10 list is that no web browser is present. The implications of this are quite important as it implies that web content is usually consumed through specific apps on mobile devices rather than through a mobile web browser.

There isn’t any data in the graph beyond the top 10, but it would be interesting to see where the web browsers do show up in relation to the rest of apps. The other thing that would be interesting is the number of hours using particular apps. I’m sure based off hours Facebook would be king, but how much time do users actually spend on these apps? Something to think about!


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  1. Josh · August 7, 2013 Reply

    Really interesting that browsers don’t rate a mention, I reackon mobile is massively over rated as an ad channel

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