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Slight of Hand away from a Social Error

Just 20 minutes ago I witnessed a nice little hickup posted by a prevalent 4×4 personality and brand 4WD TV. ARB, one of the largest 4×4 Accessory manufacturers in Australia and is one of 4WD TVs major sponsors. One of the things ARB sells itself as, is Australian made quality products, and 4WD TV have recently been strongly advocating to buy Australian Made products and supporting local brands.

4WD TV posted this:

4WD TV ARBAs can be seen, this provided a fair bit of controversy from the Facebook fan base, due to the conflicting branding to actual occasion. In the 4×4 industry this is a point of much contention and discussion due to the occurance of cheaper “Chinese or import” products being brought in by some companies, that of varying quality (with some not fit for purpose).

Now as can be seen it didn’t take long for the band wagon to start calling out this obvious discrepancy. But what I did quite like and find interesting is the way they dealt with the issue.

1. They posted a reply that did a bit of brand recovery – likely not enough to satisfy many, but all they could realistically provide.

2. They did a slight of hand and posted up 4 quickly proceeding posts to draw the initial post away from users news feeds and drive the controversial post down the page, essentially distracting the audience from the initial post to avoid further conversation and controversy.

4wd TV - 2013-09-27_11.02.09



What I Like

What I particularly liked about this method was that they gave a well branded response rather than deleting the post, but it also drew people away from the initial post to avoid the thread being drawn on with it continuing to be distributed onto their fans feeds. By putting a heap of new content onto their page, they minimsed the edge ranking of that post, and got a heap of new content being displayed in it’s place, effectively cutting off conversation on that post.

Kudos to the social guy at 4WD TV, you made a good recovery by distracting your audience!

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  1. Bin Teo · September 27, 2013 Reply

    Nice sharing Matt! Reminds me of the massive fury that British Airways experienced on Twitter recently. Part and parcel of being a social media guy yeah.

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