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Facebook Scheduled Posts

Facebook has recently made some updates Facebook Scheduled Posts which actually makes it a viable option now. Alternatives such as Hootsuite (which I have been using til now) have been readily available and provide most of the functionality you require, but it’s not so easy to schedule posts whilst tagging other pages and people. That’s all changed now you can schedule posts easily in Facebook.

To make things even better it makes it really easy for multiple content creators to work together as it shows when and what is scheduled to go live (and it’s all able to be editied). This will likely help content creators from scheduling posts ontop of each other and minimises the amount of prior communication required between them!

So without further delay, you can schedule a post as follows:

1. Write/Create your post as you usually would within the status textbox.
schedule post

2. Click on the icon of the clock on the bottom left.

3. Provide the time that you want it posted, and if you want it done on a different day just change the date (previously you had to manually allocate what day without it defaulting to the same day).
schedule post 1

4. Bleedingly obvious, but I’ll state it non-the-less… Click on the ‘Schedule’ button.

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