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Facebook Likes v Organic Reach

So I’ve been reading about the relationship of Facebook likes and reach as despite the Facebook page I’m managing dramatically improving it’s Fan base and the level of participations from fans, it’s been very hard to get major movements within the overall organic (unpaid) reach.

The Prompt

The following article on EdgeRank Checker prompted me to do a quick analysis of our own Facebook page to compare it to the average Facebook organic reach that they had calculated.

average Fb organic reach edgerank checker

The Comparison (Facebook Likes v Organic Reach)

This is what I came back with for the past 5 months of our Facebook page’s Analytics. Now I’ll state up front that there has been some smoothing. I used the average number of Likes within a month and the average organic reach for each month as a basis (rather than utilising daily data). But I think the overall picture it provides is clear.

Facebook likes v organic reach

What does this mean?

Despite almost tripling the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ the page has, the overall organic reach has only improved by 7,000 (a 50% improvement from day 1). Now obviously this varies daily, and based off the response the page recieves from it’s posts. but it does show an interesting trend in that more likes doesn’t automatically attribute to more reach as the percentage of these new likes that actually receive your posts diminishes. To improve this you need to improve/maintain your edge rank throughout this fanbase growth… That or as Facebook would like to see, start paying for additional reach.

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