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Digital Targeting – Smarten Up Tom Waterhouse

Granular targeting is one of the core advantages that digital marketing channels provide, so make sure you use it!

I always keep an eye out on the ads I get served. It’s interesting to see what companies are retargeting and how marketers are positioning themselves and their products. But it constantly frustrates me when I see marketers getting lazy and not taking advantage of the digital segment!

Case in point that started this particular rant. A Tom Waterhouse banner ad.
Tom Waterhouse - Target Smarter
Now normally I wouldn’t pay any real interest, but this one caught mine when it added an availability disclaimer showing that the deal it’s promoting isn’t available in VIC or SA (Victoria or South Australia for those who aren’t Australian). Now this particularly got under my skin as despite the disclaimer saying that I was still getting served this Ad (I reside in Victoria). Tom Waterhouse’s marketing team really needs to pick up their act! You wouldn’t serve this banner to VIC or SA if it was in print or TV, why on earth would you serve it on digital where it’s even easier to target and exclude geographic regions. This is just really lazy work and I’m calling it out!

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