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Is your social, really social?

I recently was talking to someone who worked in social media, running their company’s social profile. When we came to the realisation that we both work within the same sphere of marketing she asked if I could take a look at their social presence and give some tips. Thinking I’d give some basic insights I took a quick look at their website and Facebook page. It didn’t take long to realise they didn’t just need some quick tips.

The Website

As you’d expect when looking into a company, the first thing I did was check out their website. It was a great looking site. It responded well to mobile design and the imagery was good, but it was missing one thing… Despite looking throughout the entire site, and even having a read of the about us page, there was no clear indication of exactly what the company did/sold – it was all fluffy jargon.

The very point of a website it to present your product and company to the public. If you can’t adequately explain what you do and the product you sell how can you expect to make sales and further than that, how do you expect to translate this traffic to social media followers?

Keep you website clear and concise. Fluffy jargon is nice, but there actually needs to be real information about your products not just talking about the results they produce.

The Facebook Page

The Facebook page may have been in an even worse state than the website. Whilst a website is all about selling your product and company, Facebook pages and other social media outlets are about two way communication – it’s not just another straight outbound marketing channel.

Facebook posts need to be engaging, you want your fans to interact with the information and posts you are providing. If every post you do is talking about customer testimonials and the results you will get from the products there isn’t much opportunity for your fans to engage with the content. And if fans aren’t engaging, you aren’t going to get the reach needed to make operating on a social channel worthwhile.

As stated the core of social media is two way communication. That means customers/fans need to be interacting with your page, asking questions and telling you about their experiences. To do this, it can be often as simple as re-structuring your statements and wording to form questions. Ask your customers about their experiences, how they use the product, why they use the product, how it’s benefited them etc. By changing a statement to a question you are opening the door to interaction and providing the opportunity for customers to engage with your brand.

Keep Social!

I beg of all who are running a social media channel/s, please don’t just use it as another direct marketing channel. Use social media for what it is. Insist to your managers about the need to engage your customers and create conversation. Social media is incredibly powerful, but just being on there and posting isn’t enough and gives everyone else in social media a bad name! Create a strategy, re-form your engagement and conversation to actually make it social, not only will you see the benefits, your customers will as well!

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