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Love Your Life – Make a Change


It’s been almost a year since I made some massive changes in my life… And I’m loving it!
The instigator was a bad breakup of a long term relationship. As down as I was after it, it started me thinking about my life choices and what I really wanted. My friends were great support and really helped me concrete the lifestyle I wanted to lead. So I’ll start from the start.

Make a Change

I’d been really getting into my 4x4ing over 2012 and the start of 2013, so after the breakup I decided I’d not waste my weekends, instead following my passions and doing things I love on them. To start off with I went away on 4×4 trips on forums as much as I could, with something new happening almost every weekend, I was off to a great start! Then my friends jumped in and started helping me stay occupied. We started heading down the coast, surfing every weekend. Not only was it great fun, it also kept me active!
The change wasn’t always easy. In the end I had to adopt a slightly selfish attitude. I was finding myself feeling guilty when instead of hanging around town for a friends’ party on a Saturday night, I’d head away for the weekend. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the selfish attitude made it work.

Make More Changes

I was starting to love my lifestyle of being away every weekend. Whenever I’d get back to work I was no longer struggling to tell stories about my weekend and the fun I had. But then I’d be at work all week… Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my old role working in a Digital Marketing Agency, but whilst I loved the company and the friends I had there, I’d lost or had little passion for any of the clients I worked on. To make it worse, there wasn’t any opportunity for advancement without taking over my close friend and mentors’ role – so I started looking at what else I could be doing. I’d played with the idea of getting into the 4×4 industry for a while. I’d even applied and been interviewed for a role at one of the companies previously, but turned it down due to how junior the position was. So now was my opportunity to make another life change! I started looking around at the major 4×4 players and their sites and using job hunting sites. None were that clear, especially not for a role in the marketing sector.

Be Proactive not Reactive

Not finding any easy entry of opening, I decided I’d start asking at the very source of where I’d be likely to be working in these companies. I started asking on Facebook and through emails to their HR departments if they had any marketing roles available (obviously I gave a bit of a spiel about myself, my current role and my passion for the industry too). This line garnered a much better response and whilst not every company had roles available, it got the conversation rolling.
Ironically it was a Facebook message on one of the companies’ pages that got me an interview. This interview hadn’t been initially for a role, but to get my face in front of them and tell them about what I do so that they’d have me on record in the future. The interview went very well and in the end they ended up creating an offering me a position!

Live the Life You Want to Lead

My take out of this all is the lifestyle you want is achievable if you’re willing to make some changes and sacrifices. For the rest of 2013 I continued surfing, 4x4ing and skiing every weekend. I worked to live and I loved every moment of my week. Both work and play! I have no regrets about the changes and sacrifices I made, but you’ve got to dedicate yourself and take that initial plunge.

As Josh Strawczynski quotes Tim Ferriss “If you chased your dream, what’s the worst that could happen? And if the worst happened, could you get back to where you are now?”

Now the questions is, when do you start chasing the lifestyle you want to lead?







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