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On Page Analysis with Crazy Egg Click Tracking

Crazy Egg has become a new standard addition to any website I now do analytics work on. Whilst Google Analytics is fantastic and provides many valuable insights into what is happening across your website, the information it provides on how people are interacting with individual pages and elements within that can be quite limited. Crazy Egg plug these holes!

Crazy Egg allows you on page click tracking and heat mapping to get an idea of exactly how a user is interacting with your page.

The sort of questions Crazy Egg can help answer:

Where do they look on the page?

Using the scroll/heatmap you can get a great indiciation of what parts of the page people are reading. Do they look at the content? Do they scroll past your header image for the content? How often do they scroll down to your footer for navigation?

Where do they click on the page?

This can often be quite insightful because people click in some really random places. This can often point towards needing to change links to buttons and adding links in prime spots/click territory.

How do different segments interact with the page?

Using the confetti mapping can also give some insights into different segments and how they interact with the page. New visitors may click on completely different areas to returning visitors and this is valuable knowledge to know and may influence setting up separate conversion paths for separate audiences.

The limitations of Crazy Egg

Like all tools Crazy Egg has it’s limitations.

Whilst the Crazy Egg code is a universal piece of Java that you can place across the site. You can only track a certain number of pages at once (unlike Google Analytics which tracks the whole site).

This isn’t necessarily an issue as generally you use Google Analytics to give you an indication of which pages you’d like to further analyse in detail. Some of the core pages you’ll generally start off with include:
– Home page – This should be your most traffic’d page of your whole site. It’s always nice to see if you can make some quick and simple adjustments to improve user interaction with it.
– Conversion pages – Again conversion pages are there for one reason and one reason only. To convert. Using crazy egg allows you to get a better indication of what elements of your conversion page could be further optimised.

Who should use the Crazy Egg data?

An analytics guy can only do so much with the data provided by Crazy Egg. Sure he can ask a developer to change around some links, re-word/write the content etc. But really there should be a collaborative effort put in from the analytics person consulting with a web designer, maximising the overall effectiveness and visual aesthetics of your changes!

Crazy Egg has provided me with huge amounts of insights that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to gleam. Even better, not only is it a handy analytics tool that everyone should add to their tool kit, but it’s also great for client management. One peak at the fancy tools you have in your possession and the pretty pictures you’re able to pull from the site as a result and you’ll have big smiles on their faces!

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