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The Human Centipede of News and Memes

meme human centipede

Data has a particular way of flowing through the internet – and I’ve never found something more apt than this pic to outline the pecking order in how data flows.

More niche and “darker” areas of the web including 4chan are often the first places to post and talk about issues and memes. For many 4chan is a place of horrors – the ass-hole of the internet – but to a select group of individuals who’s minds you don’t want to meld with, it’s the place to hang and become the source for creativity.

For anyone wanting to get on the news an information bandwagon from the very start, there is no better place to hand out and keep ahead of the curve than 4chan. If 4chan isn’t your thing though, Reddit is a much more safe for work location, but is also very hard to find relevent information due to all the sub-reddits you’ll find. Unless you are a seasoned user of Reddit or 4chan, you’ll likely find them both overwhelming – and often critical of anything you might do. STRANGERS BEWARE.

So for any marketers wanting to know the source of a Meme and often news, or who want to get something Viral started – 4chan is often the place to go!

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