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An Image Tells A Thousand Words


In the modern technical age, quality imagery often gets overlooked for the convenience of having a good enough mentality. People scrolling through their feeds often don’t have the time to read large bodies of text, but the old adage of a picture telling a thousand words really can ring true.

Images Stand Out

Quality images really help tell you story and get your message across quickly. But I highlight the word QUALITY. Great imagery really stands out. Great imagery comes down to a number of different elements though.

  • Resolution – Make sure your image is of sufficient resolution for your medium
  • DPI – Pixel Density goes hand in hand with resolution! Make sure you have a DPI high enough that nothing looks pixelated when viewed at 100% scale!
  • Focus & Lighting – I’m combining these two due to their complimentary effects. Both are important in ensuring you can see and discern the product/service in the image, I’m not going to touch into detail other than to say make sure you’ve got it right.

Something that goes a long way to QUALITY imagery, is a quality picture being taken. Modern phones provide a great opportunity for quick and increasingly high quality snaps. But when it comes down to crunch time, using a proper camera such as an DSLR will ensure that you have no compromise with your imagery. But this also extends further. Using design programs ensures that the final finish quality of any imagery you do will be cleaner – no more Microsoft Paint!

I’ve been for the last few years relying on a smart phone for most of my images, and frankly they’ve provided disappointing results. So I’ve just splurged on a DSLR. It’s entry level, but leaps and bounds ahead of my mobile! This will ensure that a lot more of the images that I use for work and play are of more than sufficient quality. This coupled with some high quality design programs will ensure that the files I create will be of much higher quality!

And it does pay dividends! Just using high quality imagery in my AirBnB listing has already garnered me significantly more views!

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